Skipjack 1999 Reunion
Courtesy of Joe Lopez
Updated 1/30/12

I really need help on Names & Places
Bg l-r Harry Medcalf, Doug Baker,
Ed Childs, Bill Meiners, Elmer Flanagan
& Unk
Fg l-r Wilfred Nelson, Joe Lopez
& Gerald Eastey
Robert Benson Woody Reed
l-r Woody & Elsie Reed, Unk & Unk Pam Lopez Robert Benson
l-r Ed Glascoe & Dorothy Yoder l-r Wilfred Nelson, Bill Meiners & Jack Nigh l-r Darlene & Ed Glascoe
L-r Bill Meiners, Wilfred Nelson, Unk,
Ed Childs, & Unk
l-r Elmer Flanagan & Unk Group Shot
l-r Dorothy & Dick Yoder, Jack Nigh Jack Nigh, Bill Meiners l-r Ruth Childs, Pam & Joe Lopez
Unk & Robert Benson l-r Joe lopez, Elmer Flanagan & Ed Childs Group Shot of the Better Half's
l-r Joe Lopez & Elmer Flanagan l-r Woody Reed, Wilfred Nelson, Unk Joe Funke
l-r Unk, Ruth Childs, Pam Lopez &
Ed Childs
l-r Bill Welsh, Unk & Unk l-r Elmer Flanagan, Ed Childs &
Dick & Dorothy Yoder