Joe Lopez Photograph Album
Added 10/03/10
Skipjack Rocker Patch Original Skipjack Patch Joe's Jacket Name Patch
Captain William W. Behrens
Skipjack's First Skipper
On Her Way Into the Water Skipjack's Commissioning Crew List
Note that Joe checked in the day before
and didn't make the list
Lord Mountbatten & Admirals Rickover
& Warder discuss Torpedo Operations
Crew Inspection
Captain Behrens & Chief Wagoner
in Foreground
l-r Walter Hyde, Thomas Boyd, Frank Cima,
Grayson Glaspell, Stephen Wayland,
Herbert Morisset & Unknown
l-r Thomas Boyd, Norris Allemend,
Walter Hyde, Frank Cima,
Grayson Glaspell, James Bishop,
Unknown, Stephen Wayland,
Herbert Morisset, Benjamin DuBois
& William Meiners
Skipjack's S5W Class at Bettis Crew Inspection
An Essex Class Target Convex 3-59 Newspaper Article Captain Behrens Escorting
Commander Whitehead & Son
Note Joe's Battle "E" in upper corner
l-r Robert Small, Lawrence Derleth
& Frederick Weber
Torpedomen Gang
Congressional Visit l-r Lt. Unknown, Congressman,
& Jerome (Shorty) Wolter
Shorty was the first COB
Lt. Vashen & Congressional Delegation Frederick Weber & Congressman Clemantine Paddleford & John Cody
Clemantine Paddleford Visit
for This Week Magazine
Skipjack in Drydock Skipjack in Drydock Skipjack in Drydock
Skipjack Atmosphere Article Various Newspaper Articles Two English Chiefs from the
HMS Dreadnought
Lawrence Derleth in Water
Frederick Weber Seated
Swim Call
LCDR Francis Fogerty Receiving Blessing
from Pope John XXIII
Mark 1 Mod 0 Head
Mark 1 Mod 0 Head Diving Control Station Skipjack in Gibraltar
Skipjack in Gibraltar Skipjack Arrives in Scotland Chief Wagoner on BCP
Skipack Training in Scotland l-r Robert Small, Stanley Lucas
& Paul Bargas
Subs Heading Home
l-r Joe Lopez, Chief Reece, Jack Nigh,
Peter Howell & Robert Small
Enjoying the Juice of the Grape
Joe's NUC Joe's Qualification Certificate
Skipjack at Electric Boat Frank Cima being told by Herbert Morisset
"When you become an Officer,
your going to use a fork"
Michael Devita & Douglas Baker in Background
Frank Cima's Commissioning Oath
being administered by Captain Behrens
Ensign Frank Cima drinking coffee
Lt. CDR Francis Fogerty in the backgound
Note the oversize Ensign Bar on his collar
Captain Kelly l-r English Chief from HMS Dreadnought
& Joe Lopez
Joe Lopez & Richard McGuire
Outside the Sonar Shack
l-r Joe Lopez & Robert Voss
Enjoying their pipes
If your at Sea Long Enough
A Sailor will Neck with Anything
Joe's Going Native Joe's 100,000 Mile Card Captain Jenks Addressing Crew
Skipjack Heading In Mother Fulton & Families Welcoming Joe's Re-enlistment Swearing In
Joe's Re-enlistment Signing Captain Jenks's Signing Congratulations
The White Water Navy The White Water Navy The White Water Navy
l-r Donald Welton, Kelly Metz, Joe Lopez,
Edward Brockbank, Unk, & Brent Moorman
The IC Gang at Portsmouth
Periscope Liberty Chief Wagoner's Retirement
Joe's Diving Officer Qual Letter Captain Jenks & Denver Maxfield
100,000 Mile Cake Cutting
l-r Captain Jenks, Silverio Basilio,
Miles Cochran, Peter Sococo & Joe Lopez
100,000 Mile Cake Cutting
100,000 Mile Cake Ceremony l-r Joe Lopez & Unknown
100,000 Mile Cake Serving
200,000 Mile Cake
l-r Cochran, Thomas, Sococo & Lopez
with 200,000 Mile Cake
8/11/64 Plan of Day Thomas Recording Equipment Temperatures
Joe's Battle "E" 200,000 Miles News Article
& Joe's 200,000 Mile Card
Joe's Jacket Name Patch
Joe's Blue Nose Card Skipack Dependent Cruise Articles