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Skipjack Evolution
Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz served in her as C.O.from Feb. 1912 to May 1912. She also served as his flagship when he was Com Second Group. He has signed this photo. Skipjack Class boat follows the Decoy Ship USS Helvetia (SP-3096) during World War I anti-submarine patrol
Skipjack II (SS-184) Photographs
Skipjack - The Early Years
Courtesy of Miles E. "Smiley" Cochran Jr.
Added 3/30/08
(l-r) Triton, Skate and Skipjack
on the Electric Boat Ways.
Photo from Google Life Submarine Pictures
Added 12/03/08
Getting Ready for Launch
Courtesy of Dave Beckett
Added 2/14/10
SSN-585 Launching Program from VAdm Arleigh Burke's Scrapbook Launching photographs from the 'The Scope'. Courtesy of Frank Stroup SSN-585 Launching Photographs from VAdm Arleigh Burke's Scrapbook
Skipjack Commissioning
Courtesy of Frank Stroup
Electric Boat Commisioning Plaque
Courtesy of the Museum of the Soldier
RAdm Ralph Carnahan Collection
Added 10/30/08
Skipjack Commissioning
Courtesy of Frank Stroup
Original Skipjack Patch
Original Skipjack Patch Jose's Lopez Skipjack Album
"The Early Years"
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SSN-585 returning from Builders Trials on March 10, 1959 SSN-585 Head-on SSN-585 on surface without hull numbers
"The Skipjack and the Libertad"
Courtesy of Gary Burton
"On the step"
Courtesy of Tim Moore
Skipjack Layout
Skipjack's Silver Anniversary Program
Courtesy of Peter Sococo
Added 3/15/09
Skipjack Decommissioning Invitation
Courtesy of
Gene Lee
Decommissioning Program
Courtesy of
Smiley Cochran
She Did Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night
See Text On Picture
Courtesy of Larry Fahey
Submarine Rx Compartment
Burial Site
Piece of the Skipjack Hull
Courtesy of Neil Wollam
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Skipjack 1999 Reunion
Courtesy of Joe Lopez
Updated 1/30/12
Frank Stroup's & Joe Lopez's 2003
Reunion Photographs
Updated 1/30/12
Saratoga Springs Ad-Hoc Reunion
Courtesy of Rich Crockford
Added 11/18/12
KC Reunion Photographs
Doc Gardner, A&R Henkel
& Frank Stroup
Alaska Cruise & Ad-Hoc Reunion
Updated 2/06/08
San Diego Reunion Photographs
Added 1/04/18
Fred Gardner's
Updated 8/02/10
The Buzzard's Collection
(The Art of John Glave)
1964-1965 Cruise Book
Excerpts by Frank Stroup
Misc. Memorabilia
Courtesy of Frank Stroup
Larry Standlee's
Tim Moore's
Myles King's
Taylor, Krebs and Melott
in London, England
from Robert Taylor
Gerry Williams
Marilyn and Neil Wollam's
William Phillips'
Gene Lee's
Todd Slater's
Ken Hart's
Model & Diorama Collection
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Fred Teitelbaum's
Added 12/28/07
Ralph Browning's Collection
Added 1/06/08
Steve Bastien's Collection
Under Construction
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Michael "Porter" Wagoner's Collection
Added 3/21/08
The Spooner Collection
(The Art of David Witherspoon)
Added 3/30/08
Russ Henkel's Collection
Added 4/15/08
Peter Sococo's Collection
Updated 3/15/09
The Bill Johnston Collection
Added 9/22/09
Marvin Shuman
Duty Boat Driver - Circa 1961
Courtesy of Marv Shuman
Added 12/23/09
Skipjack in LeHarve, France
l-r Larry Miller,Unknown, Hayes, Derway & Unknown Chief
Courtesy of Monsieur Franz Golhen
1980 UNITAS XXI Cruise
Shellback Initiation Ceremony
l-r Seaton, Delaney in Wig, Unknown
Added 4/30/12
Richard Crockford Collection
Added 11/11/12
L-R Myles Davis, Jim Wimsatt
Up North In 1963
Added 11/29/17